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If it is to be, it is up to me.


Ten two letter words can say so much.


In planning for a successful retirement, it should be everyone’s mantra.  It is becoming increasingly rare for someone to spend their entire employment years with an employer that provides a defined benefit pension plan.


What does that mean?


For many it means they will have to save some of today’s earnings earmarked for retirement, invest safely and be disciplined not to use that money before retirement.  Some people can do this without the guidance and assistance of a financial services professional.  Many people can benefit from having a resource that will help them establish a plan and commit to helping you monitor and adjust the plan when necessary.


A recent national study by employee benefits firm Aon Hewitt revealed two attention getting items:


Only 15% of employees are on track to have enough to retire and continue with      the same lifestyle.


In order to have enough money for retirement, retirees will need retirement savings that are 11 times their preretirement earnings.


I can help you.  I can’t do it for you; and in most cases, no one else will either.


Let’s schedule an appointment to review your current situation, establish some goals and identify the steps necessary to begin a plan for your successful retirement.



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