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One of my favorite movies when I was young(er) was “The Poseidon Adventure”.  I saw the movie a dozen times; my brother Mike must have seen it fifteen times or more. 


A handful of the cruise ship passengers were trying to make their way to the rear of the capsized luxury liner.  It was believed, by them, to be their best chance to be rescued.  They encountered obstacles and danger on their route. Groups of other passengers were going in a different direction; to the front of the ship.  The character played by Gene

Hackman implored the other passenger to join them and go in their direction.  “You’re going the wrong way”, he said.  They didn’t listen and his belief that safety was at the rear of the ship was challenged by others in his group.


I’ve grown to appreciate Gene Hackman’s character.  He was a great leader.  Leaders are courageous.  Leaders have vision and they lead with action. 


We are bombarded with information.  We need to determine what information is good and appropriate for us.  The majority of people do not have a good handle on their financial affairs.  Americans have become great consumers at the expense of high amounts of personal debt and low levels of savings and personally-owned life insurance.


I hope I have been helpful in getting you to take positive action in planning for your family’s future financial security.  If it’s time to review your plans, let’s get together soon.




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